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Amadeus Association for transnational education is a registered non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. Since 1997 the association built a network with a vast variety of national and multinational companies representing all major economic sectors as well as art organizations. 20 years of experience in EU funded educational and mobility projects for young people in the framework of Erasmus + and other EU or locally funded programs. Centrally located housing facility with classical flats where young people from abroad life and meet while working in Vienna. 

Network of activities

300 + Companies

A network driven by a vast variety of national and multinational companies representing all major economic sectors as well as art organizations.

20 + Ongoing projects

Erasmus +, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (Coordinator), KA 2 Capacity Building, KA 3 Policy Reform …


700 + Participants per year

Supported by partnerships with more than 80 universities and educational organizations from all EU and EEA countries. Spending an average duration of 3 months in Austria.

HUB access

based in a dynamic start-up campus in Vienna,


Amadeus Association
Mag. Norbert Voith (President)
Reisnerstrassse 50/14, A-1030 Vienna, Austria
Reg. Nr.: 797139689

Phone: + 43 664 218 16 10 


central, quiet, equipped and well connected

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Phone: +43 664 218 16 10 
(Erasmus + participants only)

Actual projects

EU PIC 953048184

Project / supported by Year Partnership Resumé
EfaSozX Erasmus + KA1 2021Gesellschaft für Europabildung, Germany Gesellschaft für Europabildung e.V. is a certified non-profit organization that is functioning as an educational-training centre. At present GEB´s main aim is education and vocational education focused on bringing the companies, students and educational institutions together. In their area, they are working as advisors for institutions such as schools, small and medium-sized companies and administrative institutions. They have a strong network of European partners and they are advising/helping in the planning, realization and evaluation of European projects. In such a way they continue with their primary concept of transnational exchange and cooperation. GEB main activity is mainly directed to young people, adults and less privileged people. Since 1998 They have been working with diverse educational European programmes. Our cooperation with GEB dates back to 2005, we have been running with them many mobilities focused mainly on primary education, special needs education and activities management for youngster. Gunther Ring M.A. in Cultural Studies with over 20 years of experience within EU Projects is in charge of research and development and of the Quality management System at GEB. Iwona von Polentz B.A. M.A. in Law is Managing Director at GEB and she is managing European Projects for over 15 years, she is responsible for all legal and financial aspects of GEB´s activities.
MO.ST, M.A.S.T., MOB.ACT, PER.CI.VAL, S.Y.E.N.A, J.E.E., SHAKE, Erasmus + KA12021-2022Accademia Europea di Firenze, Italy Accademia europea di Firenze ETS, non-profit association, since 1991 is involved in international cooperation, exchange and mobility projects and interventions. It conceived, animated, managed, evaluated projects and partnerships active locally and on an international scale, aimed at promoting personal development through on-the-job training. It has always favored training experiences abroad as an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth, for the acquisition of technical skills but also of the soft skills and language skills, increasingly requested in school, university courses and job market. AeF is accredited with the Erasmus+ mobility charter since 2015 in the framework of the Erasmus Plus program 2014–2020 and 2021-2027. Roberto Maestrini, Manager of outgoing dep. (international internships), 17 years of experience, passionate for travel and languages, open to grow and to create and maintain relationships with partners. He holds a BA in Communication and has a great experience within European projects.
Erasmus+ KA1 2019 - 2022Hotelová akadémia, Slovakia The school provides education for students aged 16 – 20 in the following fields of studies: 3-year-long vocational studies – cook, waiter, confectioner – is completed with a successful final examination 4-year-long studies with maturita exam – a cook, a waiter / waitress 4-year-long specialized studies with maturita exam– management of regional tourism 5-year-long specialized studies with maturita exam – hotel academy Theoretical education is provided in the school premises and practical training is provided in the form of specialized practice and vocational training in vocational training centres and directly in the workplace of hotel enterprises. The school strategy for education creates suitable conditions for development not only of vocational, but also of general and key competencies. In vocational/specialized education the preparation aims at the area of economics, hotel and gastronomic management, marketing, accountancy, law, social communication. At the same time, students learn about the composition and storage of food, about nutrition, table-setting, technology of meal preparation etc. During vocational training students acquire theoretical and practical skills in divisions of catering and accommodation services. Students acquire the ability to speak 2 foreign languages during their studies (German, English, French, Spanish, and Russian) on the level which enables them to communicate fluently. The development of student’s personality and forming of their personal and professional qualities, attitudes and values are of the major importance. Our school-leavers/graduates may apply for further studies at various universities, mainly focused on travelling, catering and similar branches. A typical feature of our school is its high level of professionalism, what is proven every year by top awards and excellent appraisals for our students from various national and international contests our students regularly participate at. Nowadays ca. 500 students attend the school. There are approximately 120 school-leavers / graduates a year. The school employs 60 teachers and trainers / masters. A lot of the graduates continue at a university after the completion of their high-school studies. The rest finds jobs in the private but also in the public sector – e.g. in hotels, restaurants, travel companies or agencies, etc. School has been involved in the Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, E-Twinning platforms resulting in 14 international projects which have been realised up to this day (1999-2022). This enabled students to travel and learn in foreign environments by enhancing them to use German, English and Spain for communication. All the above-mentioned activities significantly reinforced students ‘vocational and working routines, professional and language skills and their knowledge. No doubt that these activities certainly improved interpersonal communication and the attitude to work of our school to-be- graduates
Erasmus+ KA1 2022Ikaslan, Basque Country, Spain IKASLAN is the association of public vocational training schools from the Basque Country (65 SCHOOLS AND THOUSAND OF STUDENTS), its activities focus on initial vocational education and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment. Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses, by means of high-quality education and training provision. Educational provision is oriented towards the actual demands of the labour market, and it also provides orientation in a world in motion. The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, continual further training of employees and a transnational transfer of know-how. Most of our education and training courses are based on modular systems, so individually tailored, and thus highly efficient, forms of learning are possible. The formation is certified according to the international standard ISO. The field we plan to work with in the European ERASMUS+ programmes include initial vocational education high and medium level in the different fields. After a theoretical and practical training for two years, students need to complete a practical training in companies to get there degree. This practical training is organized according to the different curricula developed at the colleges and would consider a period of 400 hours, between 10 and 12 weeks, in different countries of the European Union or in countries that are about to enter in the EU. IKASLAN apply for ERASMUS projects every year from 1999 sending abroad for training about 500 students and teachers every year. Sergio Fidalgo is the person in charge of the international programs at IKASLAN (association of public vocational schools in the Basque Country) since 2006. Although he worked in international programs since 1999. He has also been a professor in the automotive department from 1984 to 2005. Degree in Political Science and Industrial Technician.
A TOOL FOR JOB VI, A TOOL FOR JOB VII, A TOOL FOR JOB VIII Erasmus+ KA1 2022Cercle De Qualité, France Cercle de Qualité is a French association and training center founded in 2001, based in Alfortville (Paris suburban area), whose aim is to promote European cooperation and mobility for all. We've been active members of Erasmus+, Leonardo da Vinci and Petra programmes for more than 20 years, as an intermediary partner for sending organizations such as The French Employment Agency (for the support of jobseekers) or for french professional training centers (for young professionals). The main focus of the mobilities "A TOOL FOR JOB" was to give unemployed people a second chance through a three months lasting internship in heterogeneous sectors in Vienna. Our contact person at Cercle De Qualité is Emilie Magniont, holding a Bachelor degree in Geography/History/European Policies and a Master Degree in Geopolitics, Emilie has been working as Project Manager for many years in the framework of mobility.
Stile, Erasmus + KA12022Informamentis, Italy Informamentis Europa is an Erasmus+ accredited organization based in Caserta that operates all over the Campania region. It works with schools, other associations, enterprises, local bodies and private entities in creating, monitoring and promoting partnerships, in planning and supporting the projects application process, both with direct financing and structural funds. Informamentis strongly believes that European program and instruments represent an opportunity to grow, to encourage education and formal and non formal traineeship, to encourage research, development, the exchange of good practices and integration between different cultures. Our cooperation with Informamentis dates back to 2013, the focus of their mobilities is on art (textile, design) sector. Mr. Vincenzo Girfatti, Informamentis president, holding a Law Degree has been active for several years in the framework of european projects and is our contact person.
ADDED VALUE SKILLS, Erasmus + KA12021-2022MLT, Manuel Lora Tamayo Edu. Center, Spain The Manuel Lora Tamayo educational center is a concerted teaching center in Jerez de la Frontera, belonging to the Salesian Congregation, founded in 1962, and has more than 1,000 students, teaching the educational levels of Infant, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate and Training Cycles of Basic Vocational Training, Intermediate Level and Higher Level, as well as a teaching staff made up of 64 professionals.With regard to Vocational Training, there are more than 600 students with an offer of three Higher Level Training Cycles (Programming of Production for Mechanical Manufacturing, Automation and Industrial Robotics Assistance to Management), six Intermediate Training Cycles (Mechanization, Refrigeration and air conditioning installations, Electrical and Automatic Installations, Welding, Telecommunications Installations, and Electromechanics of Automobile Vehicles) and basic vocational training in Vehicle Maintenance. These specialties are encompassed within four professional families (Mechanical Manufacturing, Vehicle Transport and Maintenance, Electricity and Electronics, and Installation and Maintenance). We are in possession of a Quality Assurance System according to the ISO 9001 standard accredited by ENAC, reference number 0162/06. Erasmus+ Coordinator of the school: Juan José García Cabeza, Industrial Technical Engineer from the University of Cádiz. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from a University of Ávila.
TOP, Erasmus + KA22021-2023OLTRE S.R.L., Italy The TOP – Transnational Orienta Express Platform project starts from the success of a digitized guidance tool designed and implemented in Italy by OLTRE srl. The general objective of the already existing “Orienta Express” online tool is to guide different target groups towards effective school choices and/or job opportunities, and stems from the idea that this journey towards one’s own fulfilment starts with the knowledge of the particular characteristics of each individual, emerging from a self-assessment process. To date the tool is only available at national level, in Italian language, and foresees three different strands of activity, corresponding to the same number of target profiles and exigencies with regard to the future potential perspectives in terms of training and/or job opportunities.
SME GAP, Erasmus + KA32016-2018Manchester Metropolitan University, UKTo clearly identify the main barriers to SME participation in apprenticeship programmes through desk research, case studies, peer reviews between regions and make recommendations for policy at regional, national and EU level. Dissemination to SMEs will be a main feature of SME GAP and from the start will engage SMEs in regional and transnational dissemination events, progressively enhancing the positive message for SMEs as case studies and new learning is identified. 572666-EPP-1-2016-1-ES-EPPKA3-SUP-APPREN
READ, Erasmus + KA22016-2018Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, ItalyTo reduce the social exclusion, tackle school dropout and lack of interest in an integreated and creative manner. Open up imagination using non-formal methodologies, and offer cultural and creative activities. 2016-1479/001-001
EYEE "Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europa", Erasmus + KA22017-2019ARTES-Associazione Toscana Ricerca e Studio, ItalyEurope needs a greater number of young people who are willing and able to become sucessful entrepreneurs.  To build a sucessful business today and tomorrow, ethics is essential. In this sense, sucess is not only an economic value, whis is fundamental and without which we can not talk about doing business, but is creating value for workers, stakeholders, the social and natural environment in which the business grows and wants to thrive in the log run. EYEE will create an e-learning training programme on Ethical Entrepreneurship and a networking platform for youngsters to get in touch with entrepreneurs, professionals and mentors. 543296-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-KA4-KA4MP
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs2020-2027SGE 13, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Greece, Austria, Malta, Macedonia, Turkey, France and the NetherlandsErasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program that gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small and medium-sized businesses covered by the Program. New entrepreneurs through residence (from 1 to 6 months) with host entrepreneurs gain knowledge and experience necessary to run a small business. Currently with the SGE 12 (2020-2024) and the new SGE 13 Consortium (2023-2027), we support young and potential entrepreneurs in Austria to develop their businesses or business ideas by working with experienced entrepreneurs from other EU countries. At the same time, successful entrepreneurs from Austria can share their experience and their businesses can become role models for other young European entrepreneurs. This project aims to reach out to at least young and experienced entrepreneurs from Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Greece, Austria, Malta, Macedonia, Turkey, France and Holland, and Turkey to support and fund at least 420 international exchanges.
Erasmus +
KA2, Emotional Intelligence on labour market (EIIM)

2019-2022EDUFORMA SRL, ItalyProject’s scope is focused in tackling the needs of VET sector in vocational advisory. According to the project experts' research (representing all partners) and available literature there is a need to update outdated tests, which have been used since years and methodology of supporting career decisions and vocational development of people during transition and long-term unemployed looking for competencies important in open EU job market. The format and methodology of assessment and supporting vocational development are not suitable any more for young EU citizens, which means that VET advisors (working in schools, labour agencies, coaches, ect.) are looking for new tools assisting personal career development.
INTERREG ALPINE SPACE 2019-2021EU - Social Innovation strategy, Chaire ESS - Lyon 2, Oxalis scop CAE (France), CUAS (Austria), Steinbeis 2i GmbH (Germany), Razvojna Agencija Kozjasko (Slovenia), Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung (Slovenia), Città di Torino (Italy), Camera di commercio industria artigianato e agricoltura di Torino (Italy), Département de l'Isère (France), The Alpine Social Innovation Strategy (ASIS) project is supported by the European Interreg Alpine Space program. Its main objective is to promote a new vision of social innovation, by increasing knowledge, changing behaviour and influencing attitude, in the Alpine space regions. It aims to develop a new approach of innovation that answers specific economic and societal challenges met by each Alpine area, and to increase cooperation between territories and social innovation actors. Finally, the ASIS project intends to define what strategy could be implemented in the Alpine space area to better support and promote social innovation. The project started on April 2018 and will end on April 2021.
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Mag. Francesca Binetti
from Milan, Italy
project developer / leader

Mag. Gabriel Peñuela 
from Bogota, Columbia
project developer / leader

Mag. Norbert Voith
from Vienna, Austria

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